Directional valves

A wide range of directional control valves with patented flow-sensing solutions and load-sensing technologies designed for the agricultural sector and material handling and lifting in the logistics and construction industry.

What is a directional control valve?

This valve controls the flow direction of a fluid in a hydraulic circuit, enabling control over the movement and stopping of machinery.

Directional control valves have several applications because of their variety of configurations. Moreover, they can be manually or hydraulically operated. They are distinguished into on-off valves, which switch between open and closed systems, and valves with continuous control signals, which can adjust the fluid passage section and flow rate continuously.

Features and advantages

Directional control valves are simple, compact, yet incredibly solid products. They are available with direct hydraulic controls, cable controls, electro-proportional controls. Because of their reduced size, these products are easy to apply.

NEM offers patented flow-sensing solutions, load-sensing technologies and extended experience in developing directional control valves for several sectors, including logistics and agriculture.

Types of directional control valves

NEM’s catalogue includes manual, pneumatic, monoblock, modular directional valves, ball valves and flow switches, depending on the application.

  • Flow sensing directional valves
  • Load sensing directional valves
  • Load-independent directional valves

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